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We walk to the bubbler, they walk all day...

$7,001 towards $15,000

We are the SSS, or Saving for Southern Sudan. We are trying to raise $15,000 in our town of Barrington, New Hampshire in order to build a water well in Southern Sudan. At the start of the school year we all read the story A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. This story follows two plot lines: Nya's story, in 2008, and Salva's Story, in 1985. Nya is a girl who has to walk over eight hours every day to the pond to fetch water, often dirty water, for her family. All day, every day, she walks to water, just to survive. Her struggle comes to a head when he little sister Akeer, falls ill from the very water they rely on for life.

Salva is an eleven year old boy who, in 1985, was chased out of his school and village by rebels during the Southern Sudan civil war. His school teacher told him to run, and so he did; away from the village, into the bush, with no idea where his family is. Over the next many years, he finds himself walking through the desert for months on end, arriving at a refugee camp, only to be pushed out and sent back out walking into the unknown to another refugee camp. At this camp, however, he is educated and gets selected to go to America and live with a family in Rochester, NY. During his time surviving his Southern Sudan ordeal he faced starvation, unimaginable thirst, deaths, gunfire, sickness, and the constant question of "Where is his family?" The answer to this question came years later in Rochester, NY where he got word some of his family members were still alive. Upon traveling back to Southern Sudan, reconnecting with his family, he decided to make a difference. This is when Salva called on all the strength he had gained from his hardships and chose to find away to bring water to Southern Sudan. Fast forward many years, a lot of effort, sweat, and help from other good people, he created the Water for Southern Sudan foundation. This is where the two protagonists finally connect in the story A Long Walk to Water; when Salva builds a water well for Nya's village. Although Nya herself may be a fictional character, she symbolizes the millions of children, women, and men who can benefit from a little kindness, by simply adding water.

The SSS is a group of middle school student and their advisor who are trying to send some of that same kindness to help change people's lives. We asked ourselves the question: Have you noticed all of the comforts we have been blessed with in our community? Running water, safety in your own home, a proper education; we may have take all of these things for granted because we didn't realize that other people in the world don't have these readily accessible. Some people in Southern Sudan get sick from the dirty water, and they have to walk miles every day just to have a drink, or cook. We want to help, because the people in this group have thought about this question, and you should too: who deserves to live that way? The correct answer is no one! No one should have to live in fear of sickness or death, starvation, thirst, uneducated, or in fear. All people should have the right to 'live a life' not just survive one. All we need to do is simply Add Water.